Sunos Torvath

Triton Storm Sorcerer


Sent from his people to be an emissary among the surface-dwellers, Sunos Torvath has spent the last several months getting used to life on land. As the 4th son of a proud noble house, Sunos had grown up worried that he would not find a good place for himself among the courtiers of the Tritons. He never really quite fit in. This concern was exacerbated by the emergence of these strange, arcane powers that manifested shortly after his coming-of-age.

As his abilities became more apparent, the people around him began to withdraw from his and his family’s company. Invitations to social engagements were “forgotten.” Fewer calls were made upon his house. Then one day, Sunos’ father, Ellis Torvath, the royal oracle, paid Sunos a visit in the wee hours of the morning. He told Sunos that he had a very important role to play in the future of his people. Sunos was to be appointed to the new position of Envoy to the Peoples of the Land. As such, he needed to leave immediately in order to begin his duties. Sunos was to live among the surface dwellers, growing in understanding of their culture and traditions, and report back to the King when he was summoned home.

Since then, Sunos has done his best to live up to his father’s and his people’s expectations. He has attempted to make friends and allies of those he meets with the hope of bettering relations between those who walk on land, and his people beneath the seas.

Sunos Torvath

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